Instagram Made Me Do It

It was little after 8am last week Thursday I was sipping my  Green Tea with two lemon slices  and snacking on a bag of Cheerios just enjoying my boring little breakfast. Just mindlessly scrolling  and double tapping my life away on IG. All of sudden this bulky pink satin sneaker with a big bow caught my eye.  Of course I double tapped on the cutesy  photo and proceeded to investigate as if I really needed another pair of sneakers. My shopping instincts kicked in and a few minutes later I  was on adding the latest sneaker from Rihanna’s Fenty Puma Collection the Fenty Bow to my shopping cart. Fast forward to yesterday the sneakers finally landed on my doorstep (after two weather delays) I said to myself, “Acacia you really bought these sneakers after looking at them for less than 5 minutes on IG”. 

I don’t know why but I’m loving the color pink this spring. It might be my new favorite color for the season.

Once the snow melts and the sidewalks are dry these kicks are coming out the box!


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