Kimono “Thing To Wear” 

I’ve been dying to wear my kimono robe since buying it last weekend from It’s Fashion. Kimonos are effortlessly chic and easy to style and also one of the hottest trends for spring and summer 2017. I was so anxious to wear it especially after staring at it in the closet all week. Kimonos are fun pieces to add to your wardrobe that can be dressed up or down. The best part kimonos look great on all body types. I just love how the material flows on the body. Plus the bold and vibrant prints are always so pretty! At first I wasn’t sure how I wanted to style my kimono but I ended up pairing it with a lace cami and distressed jeans. A few months ago I purchased the cami from Rainbow for $3 (similar styles). I have a tendency of buying clothes that’s on markdown or on sale. It may take me awhile to wear the pieces but eventually I use them in a look. The jeans are from Old Navy I bought them when they were having a 50% off jean sale I paid $18 . Distressed jeans are my favorite I have several different styles and colors that make up my denim collection. I didn’t have to break the bank this stunning kimono only cost me $20. For similar styles and prices try kimonos range from $10 to $80. You can also style your kimono with a pair of distressed jean shorts or a form fitting skirt. Last but not least I pulled out a pair Nine West retro wedges that I purchased in 2011 for a trip to South Beach on spring break when I was young and carefree lol. 

                       Kimono – It’s Fashion

                            Tank – Rainbow 

                           Jeans – Old Navy

                          Shoes – NineWest 


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