Pink Puma

Hey guys!! Remember my first post Instagram Made Me Do It where I discussed buying the “Fenty Bow” after staring at them on IG. Well I finally unboxed the kicks since the rain and warm days of April washed away all the snow, salt and sand. So basically I created a monochromatic outfit around these sneakers. I purposely bought the satin bomber jacket to match the sneakers because I knew it would look great together. I paid $15 for the jacket it’s from Rainbow. While bargain shopping I found the leggings on the clearance rack at MadRag they cost me a whopping $3. After purchasing the bomber from Rainbow I went back to the store  and snagged a lace snapback at a lovely price of $8 along with the $15 sheer tank top. Obviously I spend a lot of time in Rainbow. I always seem to find pieces in there that I can jazz up! My G.I.L.I. purse can be worn as a backpack or a hobo style bag. It was a lovely gift from my grandmother who has impeccable taste in clothes even though she gives me the illest side eye for some of my outfit choices LOL!! I just love a monochromatic look. It’s one of my favorite outfits to style especially in the colors red or olive green. Now I can add pink to the list. How about you? Do you like head-to-toe tonal outfits? What color should I do next? Leave your comments down below!!

                            Jacket – Rainbow

                              Top – Rainbow

                           Leggings – MadRag

                         Sneakers- Fenty Puma

                               Purse – G.I.L.I.


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