Feeling Like A Rockstar 

Whenever I wear my silver metallic moto jacket and glitter star boots I feel like a Rock Star!! While shopping for vacation clothing I noticed women were constantly giving me the once-over. A few of them even giggled and whispered  about me. The NERVE OF THEM!!! If this happen ten years ago my feeling would be hurt! I definitely would have felt self-conscious but now at 30 I no longer care about people opinions. I guess my outfit was too “out of the box” for them. Over the years I realized some people can’t handle “different” they react negatively to things outside of their comfort zone or norms, instead of learning how to embrace something new or different.  I no longer have time to worry about those kinds of people. I say wear whatever you like with CONFIDENCE and don’t worry about people opinions!! You only have one life to live. So you better enjoy it! 

My silver metallic moto jacket is one of my new favorites. I purchased this jacket from Forever21 in December when metallics were trending, it only cost me $40. It’s no longer available. The MTV graphic t-shirt can also be found at Forever21. I jazzed up the tee by adding holes and rips to create a distressed look. Even though you can barely see them I’m wearing black biker shorts that are super comfortable (Forever21). The yellow heels and the sale price of $19 sold me on the booties from UrbanOG.com. I live for bold statement shoes and boots!!! I don’t remember the exact price I paid for the rainbow clutch but I know it was under $10 from Primark (my top 5 frugalista friendly store).

                          Jacket – Forever21 

                         T-shirt- Forever21

                       Bike Shorts – Forever21

                      Booties- UrbanOG.com

                           Clutch – Primark


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