I Didn’t Come To Play

This athletic inspired look brings back childhood memories !! At the age of 12 or 13, I remember begging my mother for a tennis/cheerleading skirt. I wanted one so bad I guess mini pleated skirts were popular at the time. One Saturday morning I dragged my mother all over the mall determined to find that particular style.  After a couple of hours of searching I finally found my dream skirt at Lady Footlocker. I was ecstatic when I seen the crisp white pleated skirt hanging on the rack just waiting for me. It was all good until I tried on the skirt. Size small was too big for my little pre-teen self . At that time I was still wearing a girls size 16 and on a good day I was able to fit a ladies size 00 or size 0. My little feeling were crushed for 2.2 seconds until my mom came to the rescue with a safety pin. Back then my mom would carry a mini sewing kit in her purse ( so random). She was able to pinned the skirt so it would fit tighter on my almost nonexistent waist. You couldn’t tell me nothing when I wore that skirt I knew for a fact that I was “all that in a bag of chips”. Now at 30 I find myself rocking a tennis skirt all over again . I guess history repeated itself!! During Mother’s Day weekend I spotted this skirt on the clearance rack at H&M for $15. I couldn’t pass up on that deal! Plus I wanted a black/white outfit to compliment  the patent sneakers. A couple months ago my mother surprised me with the cutest patent leather sneakers by Michael Kors . She found them on the clearance rack at Marshall for $25. Earlier in year I purchased the black/white bodysuit from Forever 21. The sheer jacket (Forever 21 x Barbie Collection ) and clutch (Payless X Christian Siriano) are  oldies but goodies. A year ago I found the Pom Pom cap at Rainbow for $7. I’m suprise that the cap hasn’t falling apart because I wear it all the time. It’s so stylish to me especially with the faux leather bill.

P.S If you enjoy the movie Clueless then you know I could’ve been an extra  in the gym scene with this outfit. 

                            Top – Forever21

                             Jacket – Forever21

                                Skirt – H&M

                        Sneakers – Michael Kors

                             Clutch – Payless 

                             Cap – Rainbow 


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