Here Comes Summer


After weeks of rain and low temperatures it finally feels like summer in Connecticut! I packed up my winter clothing and took out my shorts,mini skirts and sandals. I must have my legs and toes out it’s too hot to be confined. Rub a little shea butter on my legs and arms for that summertime glow and I’m good to go. Plus shea butter keeps my melanin on fleek. Lol! Leaving my skin super soft and smooth just how I like it. While shopping last week for summer/vacation outfits I ran across this super affordable one-shoulder bodysuit at Forever 21. At $9.90 I knew it was coming home with me. One-shoulder tops are currently trending and I love every moment of it. It’s one of my favorite fashion trends of the summer. Do you remember when this style was popular back in 2008 and 2009? That’s when I originally fell in love with the trend. Back in April I found the denim mini skirt will browsing my local consignment shop Plato’s Closet. The floral pattern caught my eye but the $8 price tag told me this skirt was coming home with me. The frugalista in me would not allow me to leave this skirt in the store. I rarely pass up on a bargain! Don’t let the shoes fool you they are cute but they hurt like hell after a few hours of wearing them.  While I was out and about  a couple of  ladies complimented me on my shoes. If they only knew the pain I was literally standing on!! The bottom of my feet were on fire!!!! It might be time to retire these bad boys or I might have to buy some foot petals for extra cushion. Everyone wanted to know where to find the shoes. I purchased them two years ago from I didn’t pay more than $30 for the platforms. 

                         Top – Forever 21

                      Skirt – Plato’s Closet

                       Shoes –



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