Can’t Dull My Shine

I woke up feeling happy and thankful so I decided to style myself according to my mood. Bright colors scream happiness and instantly puts me into a good mood. Plus I really love how bright colors compliments  my complexion especially during the  summer months when my skin tone gets a shade darker!! Since I was getting dolled up for a Father’s Day brunch I didn’t want my look to be overly casual or plain. So I decided on a color blocking look for the day. I grabbed my neon pink shirt dress ( I love how it compliments my skin tone).  It’s funny I always wear the dress as a long silky and flowy shirt. At first I was going to pair the neon pink top  with white skinny jeans but after trying them on  I realized  they were too big for me (eating healthy food is really starting to pay off). My second option were the orange skinny jeans from Old Navy. I dropped two pants sizes in Old Navy’s jeans. Last year I was wearing a size 10 now I can fit a size 6 (I’m so proud of myself for actually sticking to a diet plan). I wanted to wear a top with a smooth and snug fit so I threw on my orange bodysuit (similar) from my favorite store Forever 21. I wore my Steve Madden wedges which is one of the most comfortable and stylish shoes in my wardrobe ( the funky fun pattern is everything). Every time I step out I  receive tons of compliments on them! The hot pink clutch with the bold black letters instantly spoke to my soul. I knew I had to have it as I browsed the handbag section of TJ Maxx. At first I wasn’t sure if it was clutch or a makeup bag but I didn’t really care because I was buying it anyway!! “Can’t Dull My Shine” is a motto I live by now. As a young girl growing up on multiple occasions people  called me “conceited”  or said “You think you look cute” or “She think she’s all that”. Talk about a punch to the gut!! I use to feel so bad because I did not want to be known  as the stuck up or conceited girl. As I mature and gain life experience I now realize those people were dealing with their own insecurities and just decided to take it out on me. I guess my light was shining to bright for them. So they tried to dim! At that time it worked but now as woman in my early thirties I’m not dimming my light for anybody. In the words of Rihanna, “Shine bright like a diamond!”

                              Dress- Kohls 

                     Bodysuit – Forever 21

                         Jeans- Old Navy

                        Clutch – TJ Maxx

                     Shoes – Steve Madden

                        Sunglasses – Sears

                      Earrings – Forever 21


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