Hey Loves!!! I’m back after a much needed vacation. Over the Fourth of July weekend I spent my days living it up in New Orleans  enjoying the city while attending Essence Festival.  After years of reading Essence Magazine I finally made it to the festival! Once I heard the  legendary Diana Ross (my fashion icon) was the  headliner for the Friday night concert  I  made a commitment to myself to hop on plane at the end of June and head down to the  NOLA! Nothing was going to stop me from witnessing the fabulousness of Diana Ross. It was amazing show she was draped in shimmering sequins plus the icon changed her costume several times!! I loved every moment of it!!! 

Trip Highlights 

1. Meeting fabulous,friendly fashionista from all over the country!!

2. The food in New Orleans was full of flavor and delicious. Surprisingly my favorite dish was charbroiled oysters with a garlic butter sauce and Parmesan cheese. On most occasions I don’t enjoy the taste of them I usually prefer clams over oysters. My mouth is just watering just thinking about the oysters. Of course the gumbo was yummy!!!  

3. Snagged tons of free beauty products and cute reusable totes during the Essence Experience. I came home with 8 bottles of Sally Hansen nail polishes, plus lotions and body wash from Shea Moisture. Those are two of my favorite brands.

4. Shopping!!! My favorite hobby!! I shopped until I dropped. I found some unique pieces to add to my wardrobe.

5. Had a cup of coffee and ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde! Back in May 2005 when I was too cool at 18 I  refused to eat a beignet because I didn’t want to spill  powder sugar all over my outfit (so young and immature). So this time around I made sure to have a few!!

6. I  love how the locals say BAAABBBY!!!

7. Riding the streetcar (in Connecticut we say trolley) to catch a breezy trying to keep cool. New Orleans is so damn hot I was sweating bullets at 9 in the morning !! 

My entire look minus my handbag is from H&M!!! Skirt $10,  Top $16, Sandals $10.

 Before I left for my trip I stopped by H&M and caught all these items on sale. Exciting right?!! I scored the purse  at Marshalls for $25. While I was in New Orleans I found myself in H&M buying all the accessories that where markdown to $1. I have love hate relationship with H&M. Occasionally their clothing screams blaaah and boring but I’m currently obsessed with them.!! Beside the outfit I rocking in the pictures above I’m loving the iridescent bodysuit and shorts I purchased in New Orleans. Suprisingly I didn’t see any of these items in my local H&M.

A mother/daughter trip for the books!! My mom is always down to travel and be adventurous. I guess that’s were I get it!!

Before the table was covered in powder sugar!! Yummy !!! 


Had to take a selfie on the streetcar!!! 


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