Look For Less Vol. 3

Hi my loves!! Fall is right around the corner. You know what that means boot season is almost here and I’m on the hunt for something new!! My favorite style of boots are Over-The-Knee (OTK). Every year I add a new pair to my collection of boots. A couple of days go I spotted these BAD Balenciaga blue velvet boots. I love a good pair of blue shoes it doesn’t t matter if it’s velvet, leather or suede that pop of color just moves me. Anytime I buy a new pair I instantly sing (of course in my head and not out loud.lol) “Baby please don’t step on my blue suede shoes”. Now if had the Balenciaga Knife OTK Boots and somebody stepped on my foot it would be a brawl! Just kidding because I can’t afford those shoes anyway!!! Now the Point Toe Velvet Boots I spotted while browsing MakeMeChic.com are more of my speed it fits right into my frugalista budget. Now it’s your time to decide which pair is right up your alley!!! But remember my motto “Don’t break the bank trying to look cute!”

Big Money :  Knife Over-The-Knee Boots

Small Pocket Hunnie: Point Toe Velvet Boots 


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