It seems like out of nowhere the temperature dropped and I wasn’t mentally prepared for the coldness lol!! Wardrobe wise I can handle it!!! I have a new line up of fur coats and boots I’m ready to rock! Feel me?! And this mixed print fur coat I’m styling in is one of my new fall finds from Fashion Nova $19 now sold out. I thought this coat was dope when I spotted it, the mix of camo and leopard print with pop of blue on the collar is everything to me straight fire!!! Continuing with the fur trend I threw on my $7 olive green fanny pack I snatched up from Rainbow. Side note since the price was so reasonable I bought three fanny packs (olive, burgundy and a leopard print). I wasn’t going to pass up on that deal. But online they are price at $10. I find that a little strange but that’s still super affordable.

So the camo thigh high boots have been sitting in my closet for over a year now! I picked them up last fall from Rainbow I believe I paid $30 but don’t quote me because I really can’t remember lol!! Now the faux leather shorts are an old favorite from Forever 21 and so is the silky black bodysuit. But I did find a pair ($22) shorts and ($9) bodysuit for everyone that is similar to the ones I’m wearing.

2 thoughts on “Furtastic

  1. Dont you just love how you can buy something a year ago, never quite find the right thing to wear it with and then finally you find something & smash it. you slayed this look sis …


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