Look For Less Vol.4

Hi my name is Acacia and I love over the knee boots and thigh high boots!! Every fall I add a few new pairs to my wardrobe!!! OTK and thigh high boots adds an extra level of fierceness to any outfit!! It never fails I always like the boots that are not in my frugalista budget like these Givenchy rainboots. Continue reading!


Denim On Denim

The weather here in Connecticut has gone berserk for the last couple of days it’s been in the high 80’s and it’s annoying me!!! I’m ready to hit the streets in my fall wardrobe but I can’t because these above average temperatures won’t let me be great!! Continue reading!


¬†“Life is too short to wear boring clothes”. I don’t know who said it and I really don’t feel like asking Google but I agree with the quote one hundred percent. Y’all know I love to wear shiny and colorful pieces. By the tons of stares and side eyes I received while shooting this look I knew my iridescent outfit was far from boring and basic! If y’all could only see me strutting my stuff across the campus of Yale glistening like a disco ball lol!! Continue reading!